Disposal Policies

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1. Disposal fees are in effect at the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill, Please ensure you have sufficient funds before entering the landfill. Payment methods are CASH, DEBIT, or CREDIT an account can also be set up by completing a credit application, this process can take approximately one week.

2. The Landfill Manager or their designate will be the sole judge as to the classification and source of refuse delivered to the Drumheller & District Regional landfill. Landfill attendants will inspect the loads to determine classification of the refuse. Identification may be required to verify the source. The decision of the Landfill Manager is final.

3. Drumheller residents delivering household materials between 1-250 kgs will be charged a flat fee of $5.00. Household material weighing 250 kgs and over will be charged at $65/metric tonne.

4. Rural residents delivering household materials between 1-250 kgs will not be charged a disposal fee. Rural household material weighing 255 kgs and over will be charged at $65/metric tonne. Proof of residency may be required to verify the origin.

5. Demolition waste is charged based on the following policy: 1-250kgs = $10.00, Over 250kgs will be charged $65/metric tonne.

6. Where mixed loads are involved the Landfill Manager or their designate shall be the sole judge of the rate to be applied for disposal, which will generally be based on the type of material with the highest applicable rate.

7. Customers with mixed loads please separate and dispose of your waste at the individual disposal areas as directed.

8. Licensed and non-licensed vehicle tires from within the region are accepted free of charge if the tires are counted, sorted according to size, and stacked in the applicable storage area. Failure to comply will result in a $77.50/metric tonne charge.

9. Concrete and Asphalt (separated) is charged at a $8.00/tonne handling fee. The concrete/asphalt must be clean and free of any debris and have no organic material present and can be no larger the 3' by 3'. The material must be able to fit into a crushing machine and be large enough that the grapple can pick up the material, otherwise it has to be buried and the demolition rate applies.

10. Disposal of deceased large livestock and or wild animals from commercial veterinarians and ranchers/farmers are required to pay $27.50 per animal. The disposal of only carcasses are subject to a $5.00 charge. A minimum $75.00 equipment charge for immediate burial will be applied for large animals such as horses or pigs. There is no disposal fee for small domestic pets. The Drumheller & District Regional Landfill no longer accepts dead cattle due to additional standards implemented by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. All animals must be deceased; the landfill does not allow euthanizing on site.

11. Comppst such as lawn clippings, leaves and small trees and branches are free of charge provided there is no other waste mixed with the compost. Large calliper tree stumps & trunks, root balls or diseased (Dutch Elm, Black Knot) are charged at a rate of $68/tonne. Wood chips are accepted free of charge for both residential and commercial customers.

12. A special waste disposal application form MUST be completed and submitted for review and approval. Once approved you will be contacted for a scheduled day in regard to asbestos a time will be scheduled as well. Please refer to the Drumheller amd District Regional Landfill for more information.

13. Children and Pets traveling with customers MUST remain in the vehicle at all times.

14. NO SMOKING onsite

15.NO LOITERING or VISITING at the landfill, please offload your materials at the appropriate disposal location and immediatley return to the scale house

16. No loads will be accepted 15 minutes prior to closing.

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Drumheller & District Regional Landfill is located at 2500 Highway 10 East Drumheller, AB
(Approximately 1km past the Drumheller Walmart.)

Mailing Address: PO Box 808 Drumheller, AB
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Phone: 403-823-1345

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