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The DDSWMA is responsible for tracking and receiving payment for the disposal of sewage/septic waste on behalf of the Town of Drumheller. A sewage dumping agreement must be completed and submitted to the Town of Drumheller (click here for more information). Once approved a copy will be forwarded to the DDSWMA. Prior to any dumping of sewage, the Transporter must weigh in at the scalehouse. Identify the contents via a complete Waste Water Log and arrange payment/billing information. When the scale attendant has weighed the load, the driver will be given a key and direction to access the sewage lagoon to discharge their septic wastes. The Transporters then return to scale and finalize their tare for applicable charges and return the key. Dumping to take place at the, designated lagoon area only. Transporters must report any site contamination to the scale attendant upon weighing out.

Our Location

Drumheller & District Regional Landfill is located at 2500 Highway 10 East Drumheller, AB
(Approximately 1km past the Drumheller Walmart.)

Mailing Address: PO Box 808 Drumheller, AB
T0J 0Y0
Phone: 403-823-1345

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